​Icicles & What They Mean!

8th Feb 2024

​Icicles & What They Mean!

We all have those fond memories as kids of icicle “freeze pops”, icicle sword fighting, and admiring how pretty they looked on the eaves of the house in the morning sun. Although they are pretty, they aren’t a good sign when it comes to your home’s energy efficiency and can also cause damage to your home!

Icicles form when snow melts from a heat source, usually heat loss from your roof, causing water to run down your roof and freeze. Heat loss out of your roof can be caused by poor attic insulation as well as gaps or cracks in the attic just to name a few!

The weight of some icicles can damage gutters, damage the existing roof, cause ice dams which can cause water leaks that can spread down your walls, and they can be dangerous to people, pets and anything that sits under them when they fall.

Getting an energy audit to assess heat loss through your roof can help determine what the best plan of attack is to help prevent heat loss.